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Short Auger bits

Short Auger bits
Feature highlights:

Chisel-like cutting-edge for the short auger bits

Full length hardened body of the auger bits

Auger bits made of HIgh Carbon steel

Short Auger bits

  • Chisel-like cutting-edge turns around the threaded center and removes chips within the previously cut circles

  • The rounded single spur of the short auger bits for clean edge of hole

  • Threaded center point of the short auger bits for precisely locating the bit and for fast self-starting of the hole

  • Shank in Hex and quick change system available

  • The best choice when the holes are short and for narrow places.

  • The short aruger bits are ideal for precise drilling in soft and hard wood, chipboard and plywood.

  • To be used with jaw brace or power drill.

  • From the manufacturer in China directly, the auger bits have low cost with high quality