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Screw eyed Auger bits

Screw eyed Auger bits
Feature highlights:

Screw eyed Auger bits for Wood

Specially hardened top of the auger bits

Auger bits made of HIgh Carbon steel

Screw eyed Auger bits

  • The screw eyed auger bits are made of high grade tool steel specially hardened top for long tool life

  • Self-feeding fast pitch screw point, double cutter and double lips for use in hardest woods or power poles to boring holes smoothly.

  • Double twist of the screw eyed auger bit is for hand operation.

  • An auger handle T-Bar is placed through the eye and the auger is turned by hand to bore.

  • Boring a wide range of holes in hardwoods in a variety of locations, especially where electric power is not available.

  • The screw eyed auger bits majo uses include boring railway sleepers,fencing posts and using 1-1/2 in and 2 inch size taking soil samples.

  • From the manufacturer in China directly, the auger bits have low cost with high quality