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Wholesale super forstner bits from manufacturer

Wholesale super forstner bits from manufacturer
Feature highlights:

High carbon steel super forstner bits

The forstner bits have centre point for precisely locating

Super fonstner bits can drill dimensionally accurate,tear-free holes.

Wholesale super forstner bits from manufacturer

The super forstner bits are made of high carbon steel, precision ground finish

With centre point super forstner bits can precisely locate in place, 2 main cutters for faster penetration of the bit and circumferential cutters ensurs plinter free drilling and exact holes.

Durable two-flute desing withstands greater temperatures than other carbon steel bits for better control and chip clearance during cut.

For drilling dimensionally accurate, tear-free,flat bottomed holes in solid wood and veneered wooden boards, chipboard and plywood.

Super forstner is ideal for door locks,morticing, electrical and plumbing work.

Not for using with routers.

Sizes: 8mm~90mm, 1/4"~4"

Shank: 8mm and 12.5mm,  3/8" and 1/2"

super forstner bits