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WD32060-6Pcs Auger Bits Set

 WD32060-6Pcs Auger Bits Set
Feature highlights:

8Pcs Auger Bits Set:(10,12,14,16,18,20)x230/460mm

Packing: Wooden box

Made of High Carbon Steel

WD32060-6Pcs Auger Bits Set

  • The auger bits are made of high Carbon Steel with threaded tip.

  • Screw threaded centre point for precisely locating the bit and for fast self-starting of the hole.

  • Single outer cutting spur for splinter free drilling and clean holes.

  • Wide lands keep bit straight as it bores through the hole.

  • Full length heat treatment guards against bending bit in heavy-duty applications.

  • The auger bits are used for precise drilling in soft and hard wood, large section beam, chipboard and plywood.

  • Both Hex shank and SDS-plus shank available.

  • From the drill bits manufacturer in China, make sure cost low.