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WD31062-6PCS Auger Bits Set

WD31062-6PCS Auger Bits Set
Feature highlights:
Auger bit has self feeding screw point
Single spur ctting edge
Made of High Carbon Steel

WD31062-6PCS Auger Bits Set

Made of high Carbon Steel with threaded tip.

Screw threaded centre point for precisely locating the bit and for fast self-starting of the hole.

Single outer cutting spur for splinter free drilling and clean holes.

Wide lands keep bit straight as it bores through the hole.

Full length heat treatment guards against bending bit in heavy-duty applications.

For precise drilling in soft and hard wood, large section beam, chipboard and plywood.



10,  12,  14, 16, 18, 20x460mm

WD31062-6PCS Auger Bits Set