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WD14190-19PCS Twist Drill Bits Set

WD14190-19PCS Twist Drill Bits Set
Feature highlights:

19PCS Twist Drill Bits Set contains (1-10)x0.5mm sizes fully ground drill bits

Black & Gold surface for the drill bits

The drill bits set is packed in Plastic box

WD14190-19PCS Twist Drill Bits Set

  • HSS twist drill bits, which are made by fully ground proccess, are amber and black Oxide surface with multi-faces point.

  • The multi-faces point make the drill bits maintain fast drilling function.

  • The drill bits are ideal for drilling on mild steel,copper,Aluminum ,Zinc alloy, etc.

  • Material: High speed steel, HSS4341, M2, M35

  • Since from drill bits manufacturer in China, the drill bits keep low price with high quality