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Tri-flute auger bit

Tri-flute auger bit
Feature highlights:

Self-feeding tri-flute wood auger bit

The tri-flute auger bits made of high carbon steel

Cutting clean holes with tri-flute auger bits

Tri-flute auger bit

  • Tri-flute Auger Bit which is also made of 65# high carbon steel is our hot-selling product.

  • (1) Self feeding screw point of the tri-flute provides fast boring in hard and soft woods, for precise and easy drilling.

  • (2) The tri-flute auger bits have 3 cutting edges for added durability, accuracy and faster chip ejection.

  • (3) Grooved hex shank prevents slipping in drill chuck or bit extension.

  • (4) Fits all standard 1/4”quick change chucks.

Tri flute auger bit