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TCT Hole Saw for wood metal masonry

TCT Hole Saw for wood  metal masonry
Feature highlights:

TCT hole saw has tungsten carbide tips

TCT Hole Saw can be used for cutting wood,  metal and masonry 

Hole saw OEM service is available

TCT Hole Saw for wood  metal masonry 

Size:  From 16mm to 330mm

Depth: 60mm or 165mm


-Soft, hardwoods and plywood.

-Chipboard, MDF, veneered, laminated and table top (pre-drill the laminate/melamine by using left-hand rotation for clean finishing).

-Gypsum, plasterboard, fibercement boards, Eternit?.

-Plastics (PVC, nylon, Trespa, polyester).

-Tiles, solid bricks and bricks with cavities, aerated concrete blocks, lightweight aggregate blocks and breeze blocks, soft density limes and stone building blocks (max 30 N/mm2 hardness); for hardness >30 N/mm2 use our diamond dry hole saws.

Use the recommended speeds to get optimum lifetime. The speed affects the hole quality. Always pre-drill with the center drill to achieve best performance. The percussion/hammer action mode must be turned off when using these hole saws.

As a hole saw manufacturer in China, we provide OEM service for the hole saws.