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SDS Plus Hammer Drill Bits with Slot Tip

SDS Plus Hammer Drill Bits with Slot Tip
Feature highlights:

Description: SDS PLUS Shank, Electric Hammer drill bits, slot tip

Usage: SDS Plus Hammer Drill Bits are for drilling in hard materials like, concrete, granite,brick and other similar materials

Material:Tungsten Carbide Tip with 40Cr hardened shank

SDS Plus Hammer Drill Bits

1: Electric hammer drill bit, milled. Sand blast. SDS plus shank, slot tip.

2: The SDS plus hammer drill bits can fit into all hammers with the SDS-plus system

3: The versatile slot drive system fits all rotary hammer drill that specify an SDS-PLUS shank. Positive drive slots will deliver maximum drilling torque and hammering energy for faster drilling.

4: Sizes not included in the chart are available, please consult Widetop Sales Person.

5: The drill bits is from drill bits manufacture directly, OEM production is available.

Load port: Shangh, Ningbo