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Reduced Shank HSS Cobalt Drill Bits

Reduced Shank HSS Cobalt Drill Bits
Feature highlights:

Amber finished surface milled twist drill bits

HSS Cobalt drill bits with ruduced shank

Name packiage is available for the Cobalt drills

Reduced Shank HSS Cobalt Drill Bits 

Material: HSS M35(5% cobalt), M42(8% cobalt) for the drill bits

Process: Milled drill bits

Shank: Reduced Shank

Size: 10.5mm-20mm

Point Angle: 135 degree split point

Surface: Coffee color, Titanium coating and named surface are available


Cobalt-Reduced-Shank-Drill-Bits 2

Cobalt-Reduced-Shank-Drill-Bits 3

Cobalt-Reduced-Shank-Drill-Bits 4