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Multi-angle drill bits from drill bits manufacturer

Multi-angle drill bits from drill bits manufacturer
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Multil angle drill bits

Packed int plasticd bag or double blister

130mm length Multil angle drill bits

Wholesale TCT Hinge Boring bits from manufacturer

  • The Multi Angle Drill Bit is suitable for locksmiths, plumbers, joiners, electricians and kitchen fitters for tasks such as lock fitting, cable conduit and wire runs and pipe installations.Multi Angle Drill Bits replace augers, spade bits, brad point bits, routers and chisels to form holes, channels and mortices. They work in all kinds of timbers and laminates such as joists, noggins, floor boards, decking and kitchen worktops. Due to its ingenious geometry, the Multi Angle Drill Bit operates smoothly in all directions - resisting jumping and obeying your directional commands.

  • Precision manufactured from single billets of high grade tool steel and Titanium Nitride coated for longer working life, Multi Angle drill bits can also perform any cut in a curve as well as straight. This gives the professional user the unique capability to rectify misalignment errors.

  • Cuts smoothly in all directions including curves and bends.

  • Designed for drilling, routing, milling, morticing and chanelling

  • Prduces holes, channels, rebates and countersinks

  • Multil angle drill bits are ideal for installing pipes, conduits, locks, hinges, cables,etc.

  • For use with softwood, hardwood, chipboard, MDF and other soft materials

  • Can be used with any mains or cordless drill

multi ti-angle drill bits