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How does a brad point bit work?
08.21, 2019
  • The brad point of the brad point drill bits is the first part to touch the wood workpiece. It bites into the grain and prevents the bit from being able to move aroud.

  • When the brad point bits go to further deeper, the spurs trace around the edge of the bore hole, cutting around the circumference of the hole in the workpiece. As boring through the wood workpiece, the spurs shear neatly through the fibers of the wood so that they will not buckle under pressure.

  • During the brad point bits drilling with rotation movements, the lips of the bit cut away the waste that has been left behind the spurs, and push the waste out through the flutes.

  • As the bits continue to rotate, the spurs and lips make a very clean cut around the edges of the hole all the way down, continuing to sever fibres and preventing splinters from forming in fibrous materials.